Dear TSRG member,

Professional Services with Integrity.

Tri-Star is committed to operating all aspects of its business in accordance with uncompromising ethical principles and the highest standards of safety and quality within an ethos of diversity, equal opportunity and corporate responsibility.

Tri-Star strives to maintain its reputation as an outstanding service provider and ensure high levels of employee commitment to established ethical and quality standards in all aspects of patient care, and technical and administrative functions related to our services.

Tri-Star and its Employees shall:

Conduct themselves with the highest degree of integrity, dignity, honesty, professionalism and respect.

Comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, contracts, agreements, and assigned duties and responsibilities.

Uphold the security of protected, proprietary and confidential information.

Take reasonable care not to acquire unauthorized information, and respect the privacy of personal and confidential information as the law requires.

Perform duties and carry out responsibilities in a courteous, professional manner and not engage in offensive and foul language, intimidation, threats, bullying, violence, retaliation, or verbal, physical and sexual harassment.

Be open, truthful, accountable, transparent, clear, accurate, complete, relevant and timely in the performance of duties and responsibilities.

Act impartially and treat all persons with equal respect, avoiding unfair discrimination or prejudice, and ensure that actions and decisions are free from any personal bias or interests.

Follow all safety and emergency procedures and protocols at our facilities and at customer sites.

Use equipment, technology and communication systems properly and appropriately, and for authorized purposes and activities only.

Communicate effectively and respectfully with sensitivity, using language that individuals can understand and that is appropriate to them and their circumstances.

Uphold the highest levels of business ethics, quality and integrity in all performance, transactions and interactions with customers, patients, colleagues, supervisors, managers, teammates, co-workers and the public.

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